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The Flag Hostel is the first and original Hostel.

We are also the ONLY legal Hostel in the whole of Varna. We have all the necessary permits and are fully licenced by the Municipality of Varna.

The Flag Hostel was started by Australian Businessman Roy (seen on the right in photo).

Roy was a keen sailor and rumour has it the original ‘Flag’ building Opalchenska 25 was swapped by Roy for his Yacht.

However, like everything else in Bulgaria, it’s difficult to get straight answers on anything.

So we are unable to confirm this rumour.

Roy has now retired from the hostel world and has become an international property developer.

The last we heard, he was buying up large chunks of Berlin.

In 2006 the Flag Hostel moved to 2 Sheinovo Street in the centre of Varna.

It enjoyed three fun years here. Sadly this all came to an emd in August 2009 when the building was destroyed by a fire.

In September 2009 the Flag Hostel moved to it’s current location 13a Bratya Shkorpil Street, Varna.

We are now just 10 mins walk from the Beach, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants.

In January 2011 we expanded into Romania and opened up in Constanta.

Constanta, along with it’s world famous Art Deco Casino is the gateway to the Blacksea Romanian Coastline.

Our Constanta Hostel is 20 mins walk from the Train & Bus Station – 10 minutes walk from the Beach and Old Town – and just 5 mins walk from the pedestrianised centre in Constanta.

We run our Hostels on a very friendly, cosy basis where everybody is encouraged to mix and join in.

We have had two weddings so far from people meeting in our Hostels.

The first was Teddy.(pictured in the middle of photo).

Teddy is a Bulgarian girl and was one of our original staff.

Teddy met Scot a backpacking Australian who came and stayed in the Hostel.

Romance blossomed and Teddy finally got married to Scot.

They now both live happily together in Alice Springs, Australia.

Our second wedding was in 2009 when Chris, an English guy who was working in the Hostel got married to Hyatt – a French girl from Lyon.

We have the video of this wedding if anyone wants to see it.

We are waiting anxiously now for our third wedding.

So why not come to our Hostels, join in with our fun and spirit and you never know – you may even bag and husband or wife !

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