Flag Hostel Varna Festival and Congress Center Varna Amaizing Varna at night Varna Sea Garden Cathedral Black sea Amaizing Varna at night


Roman-style pillars and the Cinema/Festival Complex
Naval School
The Pantheon Monument
Sports Hall
The symbol of Varna – the Assumption of Mary Cathedral („Sveto Uspenie Bogorodichno“)
The Archaeological Museum
The beautiful Sea Garden – main alley viewed from top
The Sun Dial Clock in the Sea Garden
The Observatory in the Sea Garden
The Dolphinarium
The beach
Local fauna
The picturesque coastal line
The Asparuhovo Bridge
One of the amazing peers in the sea
The Municipality Building
The Varna Swimming Pool
The beautiful Sea Garden – main alley viewed from bottom
The new sports complex (free of charge)
Local flora (springtime)
The main entrance to the Sea Garden
The fantastic floral arrangement in the Sea Garden
Windsurfing opportunities
The Opera House
Varna by night
The Natural History Museum
First Alley